Possibly getting my host records for my website

Hello! I was just wondering if it’s possible that Netlify provides me with my host records for my site? Because I’m trying to use PremiumDNS from Namecheap and I can’t use it without my complete host record list. I’m on the free tier, and I only get nameservers which can’t be used for Namecheaps PremiumDNS which lead me here.

My domain is linktunnel.org or if you need the one I get from Netlify, it’s linktunnel.netlify.app

Hi @RodyMan

There are two ways to configure a custom domain with Netlify. One is using Netlify DNS by which all DNS records are managed via Netlify which linktunnel.org is currently using.

The other is using external DNS (such as Namecheap) whereby you configure two records pointing to Netlify as outlined in

While I haven’t used the Namecheap PremiumDNS offering, it appears to support ALIAS records which means you can use the Netlify loadbalancert for the domain apex.

If you have any further questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to reply.

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After reading that article and a whole other bunch of stuff from the documentation, I think I finally figured it out. Thank you for your help! I’m able to use PremiumDNS now :slight_smile: