External DNS Provider


Sorry I was a bit confused with the Docs regarding using an external DNS provider.
I am trying to point a domain regsitered by Gandi.net to Netlify.

I have Netlify showing the name and set the www. as the primary domain.

I have deleted the A record on Gandi DNS and set an ALIAS to mynetlifysite.netlify.app.

Is this all that’s needed.

I was having issues using nameservers so would like to do it this way.

Hi @rsheppard-dev,

Thanks for reaching out!

Could you share the custom domain you want to use?

Also you want to use the External DNS configuration and not Netlify DNS?

If you’re using an External DNS configuration, you generally wouldn’t need to delete any A Record, you would add an A Record for the bare domain (for example mydomain.com) that would point to You would also create a CNAME Record for the subdomain www that points to the Netlify site name (for example sitename.netlify.app).

We have a Support Guide here for configuring External DNS:

Thanks Melvin,

I got rid of ALIAS and added the A name and have setup CNAME. I will wait for it to propagate hopefully

lhplumbing-harrow.co.uk is the domain