Question about netifly

Is netifly use rate limited of hosting web? not function or something
Because on function you can use 150k so i would to know if on web have rate limit
Ty for answer!

Hi @roblozscripts , if I get you correctly you want to know if there is a limit on the number of requests or other limitations to your hosted static website on Netlify free account.

If the above is what you mean then the limitations for static hosting on a free account is below

  1. Bandwidth: 100GB /month (then $55 per 100GB)

  2. Build minutes: 300 minutes /month (then $7 per 500)

  3. Websites: 500 sites

If you want more information kindly use the pricing table at the link below.


Like i’m mean if someone is spamming “GET” so that will to gave him ratelimte?
Or that only function is rate limit

We have protections, but the thresholds might be considered differently by different people. We try to protect the entire network which can handle a lot of requests. This sometimes causes users’ websites to get spammed (according to them), but the spam levels are not up to our thresholds of spam, so we allow that traffic.

Oh okay because i was need to asked about this because im bulid api checking if something new