Published the page on netlify, but blank page appears endlessly

Thanks for reading this post in advance. Although I experienced such similar issues previously, I really have no idea how to debug this issue. Let me describe my situation.

I believe I am stuck with netlify’s directory setting or other problem that I may not aware now…
Published the page sucessfully, but the page keep displaying a blank page.
At least all eslint errors are now gone. I can see the page I expected clearly when I run ‘npm start’ from my vscode.

It should work with no issue…but no idea how I can even start debugging this issue.

Here is netlify url, where it displays blank page.
And the repo I am trying to deploy it GitHub - mireu-san/anime-satelite-station: Used Jikan anime api v4 (based on

Hi @chesedsama

You need to remove the homepage from the package.json

"homepage": "https:///",

React uses this value when building, and if it sees a path (such as /anime-satelite-station) it sets that as the base directory, as seen in the page source

<script defer="defer" src="/anime-satelite-station/static/js/main.804863ce.js"></script>

Looks like homepage (gh-pages) was the thing to disturb netlify’s pipeline.
And…it works instantly. Thank you so much (┬┬﹏┬┬)

And thanks for the explanation.