Published the page on netlify, but blank page appears

I’m trying the netlify platform for the first time and I’ve created a new react project without changing the base structure. I managed to publish but the page remains blank. I installed only two frameworks ( Router-Dom and Axios ). Does anyone have any idea what happened?

GIT: AcheTudo-Javascript/frontend at master · KaizenPunisher/AcheTudo-Javascript · GitHub

Hi @KaizenPunisher, based on the repository you shared, looks like you are trying to deploy a monorepo.
Your base directory is the frontend directory, therefore kindly set the following below when deploying.

  • Base directory: frontend
  • Build command: npm run build
  • Publish directory: frontend/build

For more information about monorepos kindly check the link below.

Hope this helps.



I managed to solve it! The problem was the folder I chose to publish… I put a folder called build and it worked! Thanks for listening


Thank you for sharing the solution you found, @KaizenPunisher.

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you are welcome :wink: :+1: