Public build logs for a private repo site


I would like to make the build logs for public.

I think there is an option in settings in Netlify UI for that. Does it not work?

I tried to look for that, but couldn’t find it. Also, this was specifically mentioned in Netlify’s documentation, that you need to ask support to enable public logs for a private repo project [Support Guide] Debugging Netlify site builds

It’s available here:

I wasn’t aware of that.

Yeah, thanks, I noticed that option, when the project is based on a public repo. But when it’s based on a private repo, that option isn’t there. And that is mentioned in here:

  • Deploy log visibility : For a site linked to a public repo, the privacy level for the deploy logs. The default setting Public logs makes deploy logs available to anyone with a deploy detail URL. You can limit deploy log access to site members by selecting Private logs .

Here’s where I read that I could ask for public logs for sites based on private repos: [Support Guide] Debugging Netlify site builds

Most public repositories are set with public build logs, and our Support team can by request make your own site’s build logs public even if it’s a private repository.

hey jouni, this isn’t a very common request, so it doesn’t come up that much! can you tell me which site this is about (either the netlify site name, or the API ID which is safe to share) and i will ask the team about this process (first time someone has asked for this since i have been at netlify 2.5 years ago!)


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Hi Perry!

API ID: adce9b1c-56c3-47b9-95ac-dbacd08003ec

Hi @perry! Any update on this?

Thanks for your patience - think I just got that configured correctly (I tested and it seemed to work as expected).

What I’m not certain about is whether that setting will “stick” if you update site config such as changing build command or production branch or even what branches we build. I’ve only configured this once before and I seem to recall something like that happening.

So - hope it works and keeps working; if it flips back as I guess it might, though, you’ll have to accept that it isn’t possible in the long term and come up with a different strategy like making the repo public or inviting folks to your Netlify team.

Good luck!

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Alright – thanks, @fool, for the help and clarification! And thanks to Netlify for the great service in general :+1:


thank you, @jouni! glad we got you the information and help you needed.