Netlify Deploy Log Visibility

I am having trouble viewing logs of deployments. I have set my Deploy log visibility to be public. Interestingly, I can access individual builds but not the list of deployments.

I can see
but not

This used to work before.

Hey @amy17519! welcome.

I can see your log, but that second URL may be incorrect.

You should be able to see your builds under:[your team name]/builds/

Can you see the latter?

Hi perry,

thanks for your response. The link still does not work for me. FYI, my netlify account is not part of the team. However, I used to be able to view the deployments by going to I think something about view permission has changed in the backend?

Hi, @amy17519, you are correct! That is a regression and that list page used to work. We have an open issue for this and we’ll reply here if/when we have that list page issue resolved.

Thanks! Let me know!

I just stumbled over the same problem – individual build logs are publicly accessible but the list of deploys only loads when I’m logged in. Glad to see this is a known issue – hopefully it’ll be resolved soon!

Hi @amy17519 and @msch,

Thanks so much for reporting this issue! I’ve released a fix that should resolve the bug. Please do follow up on this thread to confirm that you’re able to access the public deploys page or if you are still having trouble accessing.



thanks so much for your quick help, @nicholas!

Looks like it’s working fine now – thanks!

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