Deploy Log: You do not have permissions to view logs for this resource

Site name: vigilant-golick-0834b5

For two of the three sites I manage on Netlify, my client is unable to view her own deployment logs. The message in the log simply says:

“You do not have permissions to view logs for this resource”

It may be noteworthy that the Netlify account is integrated with my GitHub account, deploying when I commit to its repo. The registrant email for the Netlify account is different from the one associated with the GitHub repo it is integrated with. But this doesn’t seem to matter, as all three accounts are integrated this way, and the client has access to build logs for one.

:wave: @jadamconnor ,

This should be fixed now. Please let us know if you or your client are still experiencing any issues.

No, still experiencing this issue.

Never mind, it appears to be resolved. Was this an issue with Netlify?

Hi @jadamconnor :wave:t6: Yes, this was an issue on our end but we have resolved it. Here’s a link to our status page. Please let me know if you have any other questions.