is 0 for asset on deployed site, but works in local environment

I am using Three.js and GLTFLoader to load a 3D model onto my site. Locally, the resource is loaded without any problems, though when deployed to Netlify the ProgressEvent has LengthComputable as false and the total as 0, even though in the network tab I can see the resource being loaded as seen in the pictures below:

Originally I tried to follow an option from stackoverflow, where you set the content-length header, but as you can see in the picture the content-length header is already set in the response.

Any ideas how to get this resource to load and work on the site?

While Netlify’s support team can’t consult at the code level, could you share a link that loads the file, in case we can get some insights from outside looking in? I didn’t see it that file on your site on the main page.