Chrome console shows resource not found 404

Hi, my site is deployed at:

The error I am facing with multiple images in the chrome console is:

My deploy log is successful with no issues.

When I deploy the site locally I can see all the images being rendered perfectly.
All the images are uploaded to github also, I double-checked. They are rendering there also.

Once deployed on netlify, the images aren’t loading on the domain.
I downloaded the deployed build from netlify and tried to run it locally on my laptop. I am facing the same error here too, even though the images are present where they should be.

Can we check your repo?

@kiran_stone I know you checked that the images are in the correct places, but this still looks to be an issue with incorrect paths. You might want to double-check that the image paths match the link paths.


Your images are located at and not, notice that I removed company-website from the URL.

Asset handling for static websites can be cumbersome from time to time, as your local developer server handles them differently then the final build. Make sure you use the correct paths :slight_smile:

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I just noticed that, thank you so much. Fixed the issue.