Gltf animations not playing

I’ve deployed a react three fiber app.
While locally it runs great, but when I upload the build or use git.
None of the animations for the gltf start playing but the model loads in t pose.
No errors on the site, is this a limitation of this platform, or do I need to do something else?
Here is the site:

I don’t think this is a platform limitation as Netlify seems to be serving the file correctly. I tried downloading the files from your website, and opened them in Blender:

The file seems to load fine along with all the animations, which indicates, Netlify is not corrupting the file somehow. This might be an implementation or a library issue. You should try reaching out to the devs.

thank you for the time you put in. How do I reach out to the devs here. I though this was where i would do that?

By reaching out to the devs, I meant the devs of the library. Since this is not a Netlify issue (at least at a first glance), we cannot be of much assistance here. If you are able to gather some evidence that points to this being a Netlify-issue, feel free to add that additional context here and we can debug accordingly.

Oh, I assumed it was a netlify issue since it does work locally or when I spin up my own service.

Nope, but let us know if you have any other Netlify issues let us know! (:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Will do, I’m going to hire a lancer to figure this out. I’ll post my finding when they come in.

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