Problems Importing Sites from GitHub and Using Templates on Netlify

When I want to create a site imported from GitHub or even using templates directly on Netlify, it doesn’t allow me to do so. For example, if I want to import from GitHub, the authorization screen appears, but then it takes me back to Netlify App without loading the next step, which would be Netlify App to choose my repository.

The same thing happens with templates. I’m on Netlify App, and when I choose a template, it doesn’t redirect me to Netlify App, but instead keeps me on the same page.

In both cases, even though the URL changes in the address bar, it immediately returns to the same page.

P.S.: I’ve tried this on 3 different browsers, and the issue persists.

This was an issue on Friday: Netlify Status - Issue preventing adding new sites via the web app, are you still running into it?