Problem removing 2 old DNS entries for

Hi - I’m trying to remove 2 DNS entries for, both for the subdomain ‘’ pointing to ‘’ (which no longer exists as I’ve removed it), but I can’t delete them myself as ‘This is a system record that cannot be managed directly.’

Can these 2 entries be removed please?


We don’t intend to host DNS for domains that have no netlify sites associated with them. Will you still have a Netlify site associated with your domain? Seems like you won’t if I remove those names…

Hi. was associated with which I have since deleted. I would now like to redirect to (a different Netlify site) but don’t seem to be able to since those 2 DNS entries are still present.


Hi, @lamplightdev, please add the domain in this case ( to the custom domain to the new site (found in the Netlify web app at Site Name > Setting > Domain management > Custom domains).

The NETLIFY (and possible NETLIFYv6) record won’t change but the domain name (or names if you add more than one) will start serving the new site.

To summarize, as long at the site is on the same account as the DNS configuration is, it is safe to ignore value for the NETLIFY type records. (This is part of them being “system” records - internal alias records Netlify uses.)

If you still want us to delete the old records we can but it will work even if they aren’t deleted. Do you still want us to delete them?

Again, we will if you want us to. Also, we need to do this before you add the domain to the new site. If we delete the domains after you add them to the custom domain settings on the new site, the domain names will need to be deleted there and then added back again a second time (which will create new but different NETLIFY and - possibly - NETLIFYv6 records).

Thanks Luke - I’ve added the domain as an alias and it’s now working - no need to delete any records. Thanks for your help.


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