Problem deploying site on a custom domain

Hello there. I previously linked a custom domain to a address.
The custom domain was previously linked to the default site address after I finished building it. Now, I want the actual owner to be able to control it from his end. I have hosted the site using his netlify account and proceeded to add the custom domain after removing it from mine. However, Netlify still says it is linked to another custom account even after I removed it. What can I do?

Thank you.

Hey there!

Firstly – sanity check – have you removed the domain from the site and checked if there are any remaining DNS records? If there is and you can delete them, great!

Otherwise, provide us with the domain name in question and the site where you would like to add the domain and we will see what we can do :smile:!

Oh yes. I have removed the domain from the site. There are no remaining DNS records on Netlify domain settings page. However, there are DNS records on the domain provider website, Porkbun. The domain name is and the netlify site address is

hi @ihollarmide - this is what i am seeing when i pull up your page:

it’s clear that porkbun still has control over your site.

I’m not 100% sure I understand what you are trying to do, could you explain this again, please?

Porkbun controls it now as I reverted to porkbun’s nameservers while trying all possible methods to resolve my issue. Let me explain the problem I have to you.
I have a custom domain: , that I purchased from porkbun. I also control two separate netlify accounts.
I linked the purchased custom domain to a site on my first netlify account. However, I would like to remove it from that site on first account and use it for a new site on my second netlify account. What I simply did was to delete the domain from my first account. I then tried to add it as a custom domain for the new site on my second account which caused Netlify to say that the domain is linked to another custom account. This happened despite the fact that I had deleted it from my first account and the site was no longer accessible using that specific domain name. After several hours of waiting, I proceeded to remove netlify’s nameservers on porkbun to see if that will resolve the issue but it still gives the same error. Removing Netlify’s nameservers caused Porkbun to regain control of the site hence the reason you saw that. Up till now, I am still unable to add the custom domain to the new site on my second netlify account. What can I do to resolve the error? Thank you.

i see! ok, thanks for explaining that - makes sense. We can fix this up for you - i just need to know which netlify account the domain should point towards (and i need to find a support engineer with some time to spare to make it happen…)

Thank you. The domain: should point towards Tosin Ridwan Lasisi ( ) netlify account with the netlify site: It should be removed from Idris Olamide Ganiyu ( / ihollarmide ) netlify account. Thank you so much for your help.

Hey @ihollarmide,

The domain wasn’t removed from the ihollarmide account. But that’s no problem!

For future reference, on this page – (replace the details in capitals) – at the very bottom of the page is the option to delete the DNS zone. Select this and it’ll remove all record of the domain from the account.

Now, you can continue to configure the domain on the team.


Thank you so much for your help/. I will also check out the page for for future reference