Problem Adding Generic Service Discovery To DNS

Hi there,

I am having trouble configuring the DNS with the settings provided by my mail provider:

For the domain I am trying to add an SRV record:

Type Host(name) Port Priority Weight Protocol Target Explanation
SRV _submissions 465 0 1 TCP SMTP outgoing

I cannot use _submissions as the Name. The DNS dialog informs me that the chosen name format is wrong: “Bitte halten Sie sich an das vorgegebene Format”

Is it possible to allow underlines in the Name of SRV records or Is there a way to enter the information correctly?

Thank you for your help.
Best Pietro

Hey @pizzooid,
I believe you can leave off the underscores when you enter those values into our UI and we’ll add them automatically. So the values you’ll add are:

Service: submissions
Protocol: tcp
Name: @
Type: SRV
Priority: 0
Weight: 1
Port: 456

Let us know if that works for you!