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Even if you don’t need 400 GB bandwidth and you merely exceed 100 GB, you’d still need to pay $20 which is costlier than the Pro plan.

Yep, you’re right, but my case is that the $20 for you is something like R$100 for me, because I don’t live in the US. :frowning:
(actually, 1 USD = 5,4 BRL)

If I had a plan with ~200Gb and ~500Minutes for something like $5~$10 will be the better choice for my use case (and I think for most of the people who run some blog/websites with you).
Or a plan that increases just the Bandwidth/build minutes, will be good too.

My stack for this new client is Nuxt Content with Identity. Identity is not the problem since he is the only author, but Nuxt Content deploys a new build on each new blog creation or edit, even the minor ones. Build now is taking 56s (no optimization yet and I need to include more things on the website).

And, of course, you’ll have a lot of people who like the product, wants to contribute to it, but the Pro plan is too much.

Sure thing. We’d pass this on to the team.

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I’ve recently been surprised to find that there isn’t a plan that provides better support between the Pro plan ($19 per user/month) and an entry level Enterprise plan (quoted as $2,000 per month).

Even the Business plan ($99 per user/month) has precisely the same support as the Pro plan, if this info from the sales representative is correct:

“Pro” and “Business” are both self-serve tier plans the support offering there is the same.
Currently the support offering is email support with no guaranteed response time.

The same sales representative also explained the plan support breakdown as:

Our self-serve tier is for prototyping, hobbyist or smaller projects and therefore we don’t expect projects with urgent needs or requirements that go beyond self-serve on our self-serve tier. Our enterprise plans are suited for for projects that require more timely responses and more specific attention.

I may be the only one, but I personally find it very strange that a “Business” plan could be considered a “self-service hobbyist plan where the customer will never have urgent needs”.

I understand that the pricing cliff between the plans exists to prompt businesses that can afford to do so onto the Enterprise plan, but it’s so steep that surely there is an opportunity to provide a level of support better than Starter/Pro but still well below Enterprise requirements?

In our case we try never to bother support unless we’ve identified that we cannot action the task ourselves, and so in those rare occurrences it stings to wait days for a response hearing only crickets.

We would gladly pay to escalate a specific ticket, or be on a higher than Pro plan, we just can’t afford $2,000 a month to get faster than 81 hour response times.

*Edited - I originally misquoted the Business plan at $200 (per user/month) which was due to frequently comparing it to the Cloudflare Pages Business plan.

Hey Nathan,

Great feedback on our pricing and thank you for taking the time to write it up! We appreciate all feedback, whether it be flattering, neutral, or even negative; put a different way, nobody benefits from us ignoring what our customers feel about our product. In case you hadn’t guessed, this feedback has been a subject of much discussion since you raised it in the jamslack, so you’ve got the ears/eyes of all of our top stakeholders at Netlify.

As the person whom the buck stops with on our technical support offerings, I hear you. I wish we could help everyone immediately regardless of account level - my team loves helping all people, be they colleagues, customers at any account level from free to VIP, and even folks on the street - that’s who we are. However, as employees of the business, we have limited resources and we work within the parameters of the business. And, the business, not our Support team, sets our priorities and guides our workflows.

To start with, your primary assertion is correct:

there isn’t a plan that provides better support between the Pro plan ($19 per user/month) and an entry level Enterprise plan

(I don’t know about the pricing for the Enterprise plan, so I intentionally didn’t quote that).

And yes, you’re also right about response times: we attempt to respond to all Pro and Business support tickets sent by an account member from their login email address to, within two business (aka weekday) days. Many times we are faster; occasionally we are slower, for people in those account levels. We are not a large team, and we do our best.

Enterprise customers can purchase a contractual guarantee that we will respond faster - during business hours in their region (“US”, “EU”, or “Asia/Pacific”), or instead upgrade further to 24x7 guaranteed response times. This is expensive to provide (my team must be on call for these customers, and our business believes in paying us for that time since it is outside of our usual work hours), plus escalations from these customers usually “jump the line” with other teams - so we charge appropriately for it.

We are always open to suggestions about what would be better - and while I hear you that you want “something in the middle” - maybe you could be more specific about what pricing expectations and response time you’d find reasonable, since specific feedback will be more useful here than your general dissatisfaction which makes sense, and which we do indeed hear and understand.

Thanks in advance for your advice, and your understanding that as a business, we do have to do what makes sense for us as a business. And as a customer, we acknowledge that you have to do what makes sense for your business - which may not be in alignment with ours, and that’s ok, as you can of course choose a different vendor that provides what you need at the price you want. But my hope is that your advice here leads to some changes that can leave us working together. I can’t promise that change - but I can promise that, as the voice of the customer, my team and I will make sure to represent you to our other stakeholders.

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Hi @fool,

I want to make it clear that I don’t believe the issue is the attentiveness of support staff or the quality of support that they can provide, I understand that you may be working your guts out and constrained by the “parameters of the business”.

The issue we’ve encountered is very much “how the business parameters misalign with real world small business requirements”.

To ensure there aren’t any question marks around the quote we received when using the “Premium Support” enquiry form, the relevant sentences from the responses are (verbatim):

Email #1
If response time guarantees are something you’re looking for I am happy to set up some time to share more about our premium support offerings on our Enterprise plans starting at $2,000/month, annual agreements.

Email #2
$2,000 is the starting price of our enterprise plans, and that can be priority support or combined with another SKU (HP Edge, HP Build).

I’m happy to forward the emails along to anyone @Netlify to be vetted.

To provide some context for our perhaps entirely unreasonable expectations, small businesses in Australia tend to pay very little for their hosting (somewhere between $2 and $30 AUD a month) and from some companies they receive exceptional support for that price. I checked my tickets with a provider I’ve used in Melbourne for 10 years and found they had consistently responded to me in between 5 mins - 1 hour.

I absolutely do not expect that level of support from Netlify, (especially since that’s well into your Enterprise support offering!)

In terms of specifics on what we are looking for, there are several potential options that would have helped:

  • Being able to pay a $? fee to escalate a ticket, where ? = “The amount Netlify would need to charge to make it viable”.

  • Being able to submit tickets for actions that cannot be self-serviced into a higher priority stream, (since they are effectively current failings of the Netlify self-service system).

  • Prioritising responses to private support tickets lodged from paid accounts over public community forum posts. (I’d like to believe this is already the case.)

  • After Netlify support responds to a ticket it should enter a tighter loop for further responses. We received our first response after 42 hours, responded back to you in 1 hour, then waited another 39 hours for the next response (which was seemingly only actioned due to my posts on this forum?).

  • Having the “Business” plan be a more enticing option by offering any level of support that is better than the “Pro” plan. We’re personally not looking for any kind of SLA, just more confidence that if a small business had a problem (e.g. their ecommerce suffered some catastrophic issue that could only be resolved by Netlify) that Netlify would respond in less than 2 days.

I don’t feel like we should “get better support without paying for it”, but at the moment you simply aren’t providing any options for better support between the bottom level plan and the top level plan.

After this experience we are very interested in the “Business” plan that is offered by Cloudflare Pages, as for $200 (per month) they indicate that they provide “live chat” support, which I’m confident would have had this particular issue solved in a matter of minutes. They also clearly outline different priority levels for support messages which we’re fine with, since if I’m asking a dumb question I don’t care if you take two weeks to respond.

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Hi @nathanmartin,

Thank you very much for reaching out and providing this valuable feedback. We take our customer requests seriously and as a Product Manager here at Netlify, I am taking this insight to the wider Product group for further discussion. We aim to provide the best customer experience we can, and are always eager to make improvements to our products.

Wanted to thank @tlsimm for stepping in from our Product team to answer from someone who does help set the policies and pricing more directly than our Support team does. We do pass this feedback on, but I felt it was a bit more useful for someone other than my team to say it in this case so you’d know it was actually heard outside of this thread, Nathan!

But also, @nathanmartin : you did give some great suggestions and we will work on our workflows around prioritizing problems-we-caused vs user error, and yes, I can confirm we do spend a lot more time working in the helpdesk than in the forums since generally speaking the helpdesk is a premium support channel, even if it isn’t as premium as you wished :slight_smile: I just wanted to thank you for sharing those constructive suggestions, since some of them are directly actionable by my team and I’ve opened some issues to see about adjusting the workflows there as we develop and grow.

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I’m currently a free tier user looking to throw a bunch of projects at my account which would scope me to a pro user account - and that’s fine. However, the one thing which puzzles me to no end is why only business users get Analytics (without paying extra).

Isn’t it in Netlify’s best interest to give all users analytics (even just basic site-by-site monthly usage stats) because if we know how much data, how many build mins, how many forms, how many media transformations, how many identities (etc) we are hitting on each site - we can plan our upgrades well and not get caught out (with surprise over-use bills, which could lead to unhappy customers).

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Howdy Alex, these are thoughts we are having as well, actually! At the moment there are no concrete plans to change the way Analytics is offered, but, the conversation is ongoing. If anything changes, we can definitely let you know.


Is there any way to add password protection to a static website while it is under development, without paying $19/month to upgrade to the Pro plan?

I think that password protection is the only feature I need from the Pro plan, and I only really need it temporarily.

The website I’m building is an educational project. Entirely non-profit, non-monetized and everything is coming out of my own pocket. Which is mostly empty.

Currently the site is public and accessible to anyone who stumbles upon the domain, I suppose, whereas I’d prefer it not be, until completion.

I can explain further, if necessary, or if it would be helpful for me to do so.


hi there, you might find some relevant information in here:

Hey @pjwdevops,

Annual plans are enterprise plans and they’re tailored for each account. So, you might have to engage in a conversation with the sales team about your options.

Hey there, @pjwdevops :wave: thanks so much for reaching out about this!

On our pricing page it states that accounts with 7 or more members should contact Sales. I completely hear how this language wasn’t clear! I’ve shared some feedback with the relevant teams around making this more visible to prevent future questions.

I’ve opened a Helpdesk ticket for you so that you can communicate with Support to get the details hammered out and set you up for success. Please stay tuned to your email!

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Fortunately, it’s not as cut and dried as that, @pjwdevops .

There are, as I understand it (and my understanding is limited, since our Support team is still receiving training on what changes will be enacted), several reasons that committers wouldn’t be considered team members and perhaps some or all of the ones listed in the UI for your team will be of those types. I’ve described in the detail I am able to today in my response to your case in our helpdesk; within the next couple of weeks our Product team will be publishing a FAQ here in the forums about the changes and will complete our training, and we’ll be able to help out more here in threads like these.

For now, we’re happy to put you in touch with our Sales team who can already speak authoritatively to this (and who can discuss custom pricing that might be cheaper for your use case), otherwise we’ll have to ask for your patience around our upcoming postings when we will be better able to answer you.

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The recent per contributor pricing change wasn’t linked to from here?

Blog post (March 1st):

Forum post (March 2nd):

I’ve just come to the realisation that there currently isn’t one.

Not only do we not fit the new pricing model because we’re a plucky little agency, but the plan inclusions have grown over time such that a higher cost is justifiable.

We came to Netlify via “static sites”, as you were advocates for a simpler web.
It was a place we could easily perform a CI build and host the resulting static output.

It may be a non-starter in todays SSR fixated market, but a “basic plan” that provides only the original core Netlify functionality for “doing a static build, getting it online & keeping it online” would be ideal.

All we need is…

  • Build system
  • Deploy system
  • Redirects
  • Rollback (we’d actually be happy for this to reduced, or even not exist)
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL integration
  • Webhooks (to trigger the deploy & know if it succeeded or failed)
  • Environment vars (we don’t need them “shared”, just a secure way to get them into a build)

For anything else we would prefer to either “not do it” to keep things simple, or rely on our own ingenuity and other services to avoid single vendor lock-in and a potential single point of failure.

While all the features are obviously “nice to have”, (and others would consider them “must haves”), the following are features that WE don’t need:

  • Live previews/collaboration
  • Serverless functions (we’re happy to utilise other providers for this)
  • Background functions
  • Password-protected sites
  • Audit logs
  • Slack & email notifications
  • SAML single sign-on
  • Role-based access control
  • Forms
  • Identity
  • Analytics
  • Self hosted repos
  • Build prioritization
    etc etc

Instead of the current “one size fits all” approach, is there any room for Netlify to provide a “back to basics” static only hosting solution?

Which isn’t to be misinterpreted that such a plan would be “free” - We would prefer a plan that provides a simple service, great dependability and a fair price - no “bells & whistles” required.

Hi there, we have just released some more information about pricing changes.

here is a thread with a link to our blog:

In order to keep conversation all in one place, please continue the discussion there.

Any progress for this feature?

None at the moment, @igor.o.