Pointing netlify URL to firebase app

I registered a domain with netlify called egylearn.net. As I used to host my site on netlify I registered the URL with netlify too.

Recently I moved my site to firebase. The firebase app is hosted at https://egylearn-4f96f.web.app/

I followed firebases steps for adding a custom domain. It required me to add a bunch of fields to the DNS:

Anyway if you type egylearn.net in your browser a “Site Not Found” pop up appears.

What can I do to get the egylearn.net domain to point to my firebase app (https://egylearn-4f96f.web.app/)


The best way to approach this, and since you’re moving your sites away from Netlify, is to transfer your domain elsewhere.

We can do this by transferring ownership of that domain to a name.com account of your choosing. From there, you can safely transfer it or manage it the way you want without Netlify in the middle so to speak.

Let me know if that makes sense and I’ll send you DM with further details