Please help, newbie here. Got 404 on mobile

Hi here’s my site: (

It works on PC and laptop BUT on mobile, homepage works and when navigate using the navbars it got a 404 Page Not Found most of the time especially when refreshed.

here’s my repo: GitHub - ericsecretaria/status-fe

Please help, very appreciated anyone’s help in advance.

@ericS See my response here:

Thank you so much @nathanmartin, but still I’m struggling to digest everything since I’m a newbie. About the _redirect and netlify.toml am I gonna need to create those in my repository or in vscode

@ericS You don’t need to create both, only one.

The format of the _redirects file is the simplest (note: it must be _redirects not _redirect)

I’m not sure what the distinction is between vscode and your repository.

Having looked at your repository you would just create the file (however you would like) so that it is in your public folder, that way when your build executes it will end up in your build output (like your other static files robots.txt, favicon.ico etc).

@nathanmartin, thanks for making it clear that only the _redirects will be created. I tried but still the same, from what i understand, the left is the old path and the right will the the new path right? but i don’t have a new path, it’s still the same

@ericS You just want the redirect exactly as shown in the documentation:


/* /index.html 200

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@nathanmartin, thank you so much it is working fine now, i really appreciate your help.