Page not found error Looks like you've followed a broken link or entered a URL that doesn't exist on this site

The website is deployed but page not found error persists when refreshing or redirecting
This is the site link](

@dharmanjistha12 See:

Additional explanation:

Thank you for your help. I have now included _redirects file in my deploy folder with /* /index.html 200 in it still the problem remained that is when I am registering I am not redirected to home page and it says page not found. But the same way works fine when i run the app in localhost

@dharmanjistha12 It’s most likely that you just haven’t done it correctly.

For example, I’ve seen several people say “I’ve done it and it doesn’t work”, and most of those had put the _redirects file in the root of their repository, rather than ensuring it was in their Publish directory… in all instances once they put the file in the right spot, it did in fact work.

Running the app via a development mode on localhost isn’t a good comparison. To see what you’re deploying to Netlify you should check the output of your build command.

Just double check everything, but if you continue to encounter issues you can provide access to your repository.

@dharmanjistha12 The repository supplied doesn’t build for me due to:

Module not found: Error: Can't resolve '../../../utils/config' in '/home/centipixel/Labs/MERN-app-frontend/src/components/home/postCards'

It also doesn’t contain a _redirects file at all.

I presume when you tried it, you had tried manually adding a _redirects file to a “drag and drop” deploy?

I have not uploaded the config.js in github since it contains the base url.

I have uploaded this builds folder under frontend while deploying. It is containing the _redirects file. Here’s the link

@dharmanjistha12 Can you upload an appropriate config that allows it to build?

It wouldn’t need to contain real information, just enough for the build to execute, so the actual output folder can be checked to ensure it contains the _redirects file.

I understand you’ve put the _redirects file in the /build folder, but as I cannot execute the build, I cannot tell how that relates to the output. E.g. If that file is copied over, or if it gets deleted/overwritten.

@dharmanjistha12 As I’d indicated was probably the issue, it looks like your _redirects file is in the wrong spot for your build, which is causing it to not be in your final output.

You’ve put it in your build folder to begin with…


But after you run npm run build…

The build folder is emptied and recreated, which means the file is no longer there…


You should put it within the public folder so that it’s copied in as part of the build.

Which is as per the documentation of a create react app:

@dharmanjistha12 I don’t know what you mean by “that also didn’t work”, because that’s definitely worked.

If you go to a random page now, you’ll find that it doesn’t display the default Netlify 404 page anymore, it displays one served by your react site.

For example:

Hitting refresh on a page like now also works.

By that I meant my problem that I mentioned before in this comment was not resolved

That’s an additional request separate from your first one, your first one is solved as per all the information I’ve given you.

You will ultimately need to debug your own project, since “how your project works” is outside of the scope of support.

As a pointer though, your registration form tries to POST to a path of /api/register and presumably you quite simply do not have anything there.

If your backend is hosted elsewhere, you will either need to adjust that URL to point at the actual backend, or add additional proxy rules to your _redirects file.

You should read the documentation here if you’re unfamiliar with it:

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Thank you for all the help

Just met same problem, and your post helped me very much! I some body have the same issue, just create file _redirects and add /* /index.html 200. File should be in folder Public. I use Vite + React.

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thanks a lot! It worked

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