Navigation ok via routerlink, 404 if I enter it in the URL


I’ve my Angular 17 application running well in Netlify. My navigation works like a charm, but I came across one problem.

When I click on the link in my navbar, i get redirected well.
When I enter the endpoint in my URL manually, I get a 404.

Why ? Is it a conf somewhere ?

Thanks a lot.

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I’m having the same issue using react router.

@lucasmelojs youhave to create a netlify.toml a the project root with redirects in order for the index.html to be found.

I never saw this post, but the self-solve answer given by @MartinZak is correct.

It’s referenced in the warning block on this page of the documentation:

With the details here:

It’s also mentioned in this support guide:

In case there are still questions “why” it’s necessary, I gave a fairly detailed explanation here in the past: