Persistent Issue with Custom Domain Redirecting to Older Build


I am reaching out regarding an ongoing issue I’ve been experiencing with my Vite React app hosted on Netlify.

For the past couple days, I have been encountering a problem related to my custom domain, While the app directs correctly with its Netlify subdomain,, the custom domain intermittently directs me to an outdated build of the app, even though the latest build is available and accessible through the published build link and the Netlify subdomain. (sign-in will only work from custom domain so that is broken on the Netlify sub domain but unrelated.)

To address this issue, I have taken several steps, including clearing caches, deploying with the latest branch commit multiple times, and even deleting / creating a new project. Unfortunately, these efforts have provided only temporary solutions, as the problem eventually resurfaces, redirecting me to the older build on my custom domain.

It’s worth noting that the project had remained stable for 8+ months prior to this issue arising. The issue seemed to manifest after a series of styling related commits I made a couple evenings ago and has persisted since, those changes were probably the first I had made in a few weeks.

Any support or insights you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Best regards, Stephen

edit: A few more points that might be useful:

  • Sometimes my custom domain does seem to point to the latest build for about 10 mins or so but seems to more often than not point to the old build.
  • I’ve had friends test it and it’s just as random for them as well on all browsers, desktop and mobile. Sometimes they get the new build, sometimes the old one.
  • The older version of the app that is loading is from a build on the old deleted project :face_with_spiral_eyes:



Please share a HAR file recording of the outdated content.

I’m having the exact same problem with what’s deployed to is not appearing on the custom domain

It was working previously.

Thanks for the quick reply. The issue seems to have sorted itself out now.

Thanks for confirming!