Netlify URL points to new build, custom domain to old build?

Hi all,

My Netlify URL ( points to the correct version of my build, but my custom domain ( points to the old build.

Not entirely sure where to go from here so would appreciate any support available.

Thank you.

Kind regards,


This domain isn’t served by Netlify it is served by Hostinger

$ dig		2224	IN	A

Yes I agree it is, but I didn’t change any settings inside of my Hostinger panel?

I pushed an update through git and now all of a sudden I have two versions of the website, not sure how to fix…

I don’t know what settings you have inside Hostinger as I don’t have access to your account.

If you want served by Netlify the you need to either configure external DNS or Netlify DNS.

Hi @adamross11 ! I see you have your NS records set up now. We’ll be here if you need any additional support.