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Netilfy custom domain not working

I have a netifly website. I recently purchased a custom domain with Netlify. I want to access my netlify website through the custom domain I purchased. In my netlify app’s domain settings I added the custom domain. However, when I go to the custom domain in the browser, nothing is rendered (says, “This site can’t be reached”).

(my netlify website------>): https://luisdevblog.netlify.app [works fine, as normal]
(custom domain -------->) https://devblog.dev [nothing happens; I was expecting my netlify app to be rendered under the custom domain name]

What I’m missing here?

Hi @luism

When visiting your custom domain I see the following errors in Dev Tools which I don’t see when using the netlify.app URL.

Seems you need to change the content security settings you have implemented.

Thank you. I discovered that after adding the Netlify’s custom domain to my netlify app, I needed to make a new deploy for the custom domain to start working. .I think this is important information to include in the docs so that the user is not confused as to why the DNS being configured automatically on the Netlify end, the newly acquired custom domain does snot work.

As of the error, it is a cross-origin request error; I fixed it by allowing my backend to receive requests from the new custom domain url.

Thank you for your help.

That is not the case. Changes to site’s domain are reflected without a deploy. But if you’re using environment variable to access the site’s URL, then a re-deploy would be needed as it’s the case with any environment variable.