Nextjs Builds completely and shows in preview but does not update on assigned domain

Hello, here is my ( )

Custom Domain

There is no error message but I detached an old github repository and attached a new one for my nextjs site. So it builds and shows within the deploy preview, but my old site still renders on my custom domain name.

This is my netlify.toml config

Build command: npm run build
publish directory: .next

I just want my site to show under the domain name “” but I think it might be a problem within the build, idk. Thank you in advance!

Hey @Johnnie71,

I’m seeing the same thing on both the URLs. Has this been fixed?

Hey @hrishikesh, No it isn’t unfortunately :frowning: The first link (my new respository build) is from my deploy log “preview” and it’s what I want my site (custom domain) to look like.

Just wondering why my new repository builds successfully and shows in the deploy log preview but my domain site only renders my previous repository when visited. :exploding_head: lol

For me, your custom domain as well as the deploy preview link show the same thing. Could you share screenshots of how it’s looking for you?

Here’s what I’m seeing on my desktop. It shows the same on my phone too. This is weird lol

Indeed. Here’s what I see:

Do you have a service worker for the previous site by any chance?

Not that I know of because that was a template that I used. This new site I made from scratch. I just googled “service worker” and I even looked it up to see if there is one on that previous site.

is this an indicator that I do?

I think I fixed it. It’s in my developer tools. Thank you @hrishikesh I know this was a problem for me outside of Netlify but appreciate the help because I would have never knew what a service worker was! Much appreciated thank you again!