Custom Domain Not Working After Changing To Git Deploys

Site name - jpeggedfrens

I recently changed my deployment config from automatic deploys from github, to manual, and back to automatic deploys from github again.

Since I switched to manual deployment, the custom domain ( ) is not being updated with the latest changes. The build previews are reflecting the latest changes though.

Could you specify what changes are you expecting? What have you changed as compared to the previous build? Screenshots for comparison would be helpful.

Also, I understand that your business is in the realm of NFTs. Due to the sheer volume of requests made during timed launches for sites like these, we ask all businesses in this industry talk to our sales and solutions team to purchase a contract to ensure that your launch is executed flawlessly!

Our High Performance Edge product is usually a necessity to be able to handle and administer successful launches.

If you are not interested in paying for a custom contract, it would be best at this time if you host the content elsewhere.


I can’t attach more than one screenshot, so checkout and

The text changes are reflected in both sites, but some of the visual styles(navbar height and layout of hero section) are not reflected in the live site, but are reflected in the build preview.

Hey @shyamiy,

I get a Not Found for the first link. Could you please check?