Netlify website not updating after git push


Since a couples of weeks I’ve been deploying one of my many websites on Netlify from my github repo. So far everything was doing well as usual. Yesterday, I tried setting up a custom domain for one of my website and I believe I managed to set up the connection successfully since my website is not showing on my domain.

current domain :
initial domain from netlify :

However, today I pushed a few changes from gitHub but my website did not update itself, altough being properly updated on Github. After a few minutes what I did is that I went to Deploys options and selected ‘Redeploy from last commit’ (or something like that) and only then my website was updated from my last commit.

But it doesnt feel like an appropriate way, did I set up something wrong when I added my custom domain on netlify ? Do I need to adjust some settings ? Does the update needs more time from a custom domain ?

Thanks for your help

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@Nostalgeek18 You can ignore the Chat GPT generated response above.

It’s likely you’ve done nothing wrong, as this other user has reported the same issue:

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GitHub issue: GitHub Status - Incident with Webhooks and Actions

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I see, thank you for the responses @hrishikesh @nathanmartin