Custom domain is not updating when Netlify and Github have been updated

I have created a custom domain: On there I created a file (initial commit) legendary-bubblegum-c7f92b (under that contains a birthday card (Joe). I have updated the card for Charlie. The latest commit is in both Github and Netlify,
but when I visit, it still shows the initial commit (for Joe). I am sure it is on me as I am a noob. Any help will be appreciated.

Hi Jamey,

The first thing I would recommend is for you to go to your repository at and ensure that you have pushed the commit to your repository.

If the commit is not on your repository, that would explain the difference. You will need to push the commit to GitHub.

If the commit is on your repository, you may want to check your Netlify deploy logs at to see if there are any errors there.


-H, The commits have been pushed to my Github repository. I did not find any errors in the deploy log, maybe I just don’t recognize the error if it exists.


-H I have figured it out. The error was me. I have a repo called birthday-card and I also have everything from that repo embedded in another repo. I updated the repo that was not linked to my website. I did learn some good troubleshooting tips and also have learned more about Github and Netlify, so thank you!


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Thanks so much for coming back and letting us know! Glad you are unblocked. Happy building :rocket: