Unable to see my site in either Preview or on my domain

My Netlify site name is “focused-rosalind-64287e” and my custom domain name is “gsb-wx.me
2 days ago I was able to deploy and see the preview of my site but I was not able to click on any link which took me to “gsb-wx.me” which it could not find.
Tonight I made some changes to my DNS which I had changed many days ago on namecheap.com and set it up on Netlify with the ip address from nslookup for the nameservers of dns1.p02.nsone.net - dns4.p02.nsone.net.
Now even though every time I publish a deploy tonight which states “Site is live :sparkles:” if I click on “Preview” or go to “gsb-wx.me” all I get is a “WSOD
Any ideas of what I am NOT doing correctly and how to fix it? Any additional information do you need to help solve this problem?

@gerbreown I can’t tell from your description what you are doing wrong, but your DNS seems to be set up correctly. Your site seems not to have any content, however.

Are you able to see your site locally?

When you download your deploy from the Netlify dashboard, is there an index.html file at the top level?

I am NOT able to see my site locally either.
How do I download the deploy?
I had a “index.md” file at the top level of my site that I changed to “index.html” but still no progress.

Some progress. I added a “index.html” file to the “content” directory and now I can see the preview, but not in my browser.

@gerbreown This is what I’m seeing when I visit your site.

That is what I see too when I click on Preview, but when I enter “gsb-wx-me” in a browser I get “Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.”

One problem I discovered was that I entered "hugo new (a bunch of files) and now when I looked at those files they all had a line “draft: true”. I deleted those and redeployed but still can not see my site.

Another change I made was to switch to the theme “hugo-theme-learn” and am following the instructions from that. The first is to add “chapter pages” and then add “content pages”. That is what I did with the above command. I probably need to add more content to those pages.

Another thing I noticed was in “domain settings” there were 4 domains listed. 2 that I had added and 2 the system added, showing " DNS records

  • gsb-wx.me 3600 IN NETLIFY focused-rosalind-61287e.netlify.app

  • www.gsb-wx.me 3600 IN NETLIFY focused-rosalind-61287e.netlify.app

The 2 I had added pointed to the IP address of " dns1.p02.nsone.net" as shown by nslookup. I have deleted those 2 but still can NOT see my site in my browser.

Any other ideas of what I should do?


@gerbreown You seem to be going backward. Your site was loading before your changes, and now it’s not.

Can’t help you with the Hugo stuff, but for the DNS stuff, try this:

Hi, @gerbreown. I did find a configuration issue at Netlify and resolved it. Would you please test your custom domain again and let us know if it is working now?

Sorry to say it is NOT working for me here. Neither the Preview nor in the browser. Just WSOD in both.

I just removed all but one of the directories and now it is working in both, Preview and browser. Looks like I was trying to do too much too fast and just messed up. Will now just take them one at a time.

Thanks for your help.

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