Why is deployment preview good, but domain returns "site is under..." after 24 hours

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For some reason it fails after working. The website will work on my domain, then stop. It also continues to work on preview . Any thoughts as to why it stops deploying the site and especially the pictures.
Thank you,

They @kreilly31

I see the same thing on https://62222b2f6c81180008b7a3ea--pedantic-mirzakhani-f944dd.netlify.app/ and https://pedantic-mirzakhani-f944dd.netlify.app/.
Are you using a custom domain as well? Is that where you are not seeing the current version of the site? If so, what is the custom domain?

The custom domain is katelinreilly.com it’s sometimes working and other times says, “site is under construction”.

Thanks @kreilly31

This is, I am confident, to a mis-configuration of the DNS for katelinreilly.com

I am seeing both Netlify and non-Netlify nameservers

Name Server: ns2.domain.com
Name Server: ns1.domain.com
Name Server: dns1.p07.nsone.net
Name Server: dns2.p07.nsone.net
Name Server: dns3.p07.nsone.net
Name Server: dns4.p07.nsone.net

You need to remove the nsX.domain.com nameserver records for your domain.

That did work. Thank you!
Another question???
Is there a reason my icon is not appearing on custom domain (katelinreilly.com), but does appear on ‘https://62222b2f6c81180008b7a3ea--pedantic-mirzakhani-f944dd.netlify.app/’?

I don’t see an icon for any URL.

Looking in the <head> and the manifest.json, none of the icon sources exists (e.g.https://pedantic-mirzakhani-f944dd.netlify.app/favicon-32x32.png, https://pedantic-mirzakhani-f944dd.netlify.app/favicon-16x16.png, or https://pedantic-mirzakhani-f944dd.netlify.app/logo512.png) with the exception of https://pedantic-mirzakhani-f944dd.netlify.app/favicon.ico which does.

I suggest downloading the latest deploy to see if the files are there, and the location (e.g. assets or images) using the download icon on a deploy log page (example below).

ok, will look into this.
This site for katelinreilly.com again says, “This site is under Development”. It had been working ok after the name servers were removed, but again back to this.

I’m seeing the site load correctly on katelinreilly.com.

I am continuing to have the same response of “This site…” and white screen. It seems to come and go. I am using Chrome and it is not working, but it is running on my phone and through Firefox.

Likely there is a caching issue. If you try a Chrome incognito window, do you see the same result?

You could always try clearing Chrome Internal DNS cache via chrome://net-internals/#dns

It has stopped working on my phone and also on Firefox. Now works on Chrome. Very strange.