Permanent error "This function has crashed" on our Nuxt3 website

I have this permanent error on our Nuxt3 website, while everything is working fine so far :

This function has crashed
An unhandled error in the function code triggered the following message:
2023-05-31T08:54:29.617Z 8572deb4-3c27-4bf4-9535-9074fdb33ba8 Task timed out after 10.01 seconds
Connection details
Netlify internal ID: 01H1RG7QJTVQPQJMQP3RHY628T

We haven’t made any change in our dependencies (update release or new libraries), and we have no Netlify function.
Can you please help me?

Without making any changes to our configuration, our site is working properly again!
I would like to know why we had this error for a few hours.

Hi @JFR, I’mg glad your site is up and running now. I checked and both the sites on your account use functions. The Function you may be unaware of is actually generated by Nuxt . There’s something incorrectly being bundled by Nuxt. It’s worth asking them on their GitHub repo.

Hi @SamO , Thank you for this feedback. Your attached link doesn’t work (page not founded!).
It’s still surprising because I haven’t changed anything in the Nuxt config of our project. Now it’s work fine, without no update.