Nuxt3 site returns 500 despite successful deploy with no errors

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Hey there Netlify Team!

I am dealing with an odd issue… My Nuxt3 site (soon to be portfolio) just stopping showing up today (Aug 10) while it was up perfectly fine yesterday (Aug 9). The only change I made was a small scss change on the front-end which should not cause this error. Even with a refactor to the styling changes I get the following prompt when navigating to the site 500 This page is temporarily unavailable.

My Netlify site name is:

The deploy url from yesterday (the one that works) is:

Again there is no error and the deployment is successful in both instances. Its very odd (Haven’t had this issue before with Netlify). This not a Nuxt3 issue because I haven’t upgraded my version between deployments…

Any help or indication as to what is going on would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Issue has been resolved! Turns out it was an issue getting Sanity data (CMS I am using) with recent updates to the client on the Sanity side of things. Not a Netlify issue or Nuxt…