Nuxt3 function timeout error

I have deployed a netlfiy site which used an API to verify data and create pull requests on github

Which is currently failing due to timeout issue

site URL :

site name : effortless-hummingbird-67a00c

can you help me to increase the timeout of netlify functions of my deployed site

Hi @AamirAlam,

Thanks for reaching out!

To extend the function time limit to 26 seconds will require that you upgrade to a Pro account or higher. Let us know once you upgrade and we’d be happy to bump it.

Hi , I have updated to pro plan,

Hi @AamirAlam,

Thank you! I’ve increased the function time limit to 26 seconds for site effortless-hummingbird-67a00c.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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Thanks, let me test the function now

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