This function has crashed, but I have no Netlify functions


I have a stie. and it is crashing when I visit it. Here is the error:

# This function has crashed

An unhandled error in the function code triggered the following message:

2022-07-25T20:29:30.156Z 6da82808-db53-410c-a4ac-046793ae3b69 Task timed out after 10.03 seconds

### Connection details

Netlify internal ID: 01G8VGSGBEK4TAHFQTZEMJC22G

I haven’t changed anything, it just doesn’t work. It worked yestarday, but today it isn’t working. I haven’t got any Netlify functions on my site, so I don’t know what is causing it. Can you please help me?

:wave: @Gyurmatag

It looks like a function was deployed to the site earlier today. You can see the logs here: Netlify App

with the error:

[h3] [unhandled] H3Error: _47opt_47build_47repo_47_46nuxt_47components_46plugin_46mjs is not defined

Hope that helps get you pointed in the right direction!

Thanks. And How can I delete this function? Or can You do this for me?

audrey via Netlify Support Forums <> (időpont: 2022. júl. 26., K, 3:00) ezt írta:

Thanks. And How can I delete this function? Or can You do this for me?
Can you please help me?

I’ve got the same issue. Woke up today to the same error. My 2 cents, it’s related to infrastructure.

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Oh, I see. Hope it will get resolved ASAP, because it is very emberassing to our users…

Maybe it’s related to Nuxt, because my other sites, which is written in plain Vue.JS does not crash… Anyone have any idea what is going on?

Any solutions to this?

Thankfully, no :slight_smile:

The Function is generated by Nuxt Nuxt 3 - Netlify. There’s something incorrectly being bundled by Nuxt. Worth asking them on their GitHub repo.

@cornel Have you found what is the problem here? Thank you very much!