Parked Domian showing on deployed netlify site


My netlify site name is I purchased the domain from godaddy and set up the DNS on netlify and added the netlify nameservers to the godaddy dashboard. But when I go to the site I am getting the godaddy parked domain message. I don’t have any DNS records on godaddy anymore since I am pointing the nameservers to Netlify. Do I need to add a A or CName record to the netlify DNS? Or do I just have to wait for 48 hrs for the servers and DNS to kick in?

I also have email from godaddy Microsoft office and before I added the nameservers there was a DNS record for it but now that I changed the nameservers there is no longer a DNS record on godaddy for it do I need to add that DNS record to Netlify?


I don’t see any such issue @biljana

DNS changes can take 48 hours to propagate. Use multiple browsers (private/incognito windows), multiple devices and multiple networks to determine if this issue is widespread or just you.

As for email, you will need to add any relevant records to Netlify (related: [Support Guide] How can I receive emails on my domain?) as is using Netlify DNS.

$ dig NS	4502	IN	NS	4502	IN	NS	4502	IN	NS	4502	IN	NS

Amazing!!! thanks yes it took some time and then I had to reconfigure some stuff. I will reach out to godaddy for the MX DNS record thanks again!

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awesome. Glad to hear you got this sorted. thanks for chiming into the support forums. :partying_face: