Help with dns records and domain pointing

I was hosting and the owner wants to do it themselves now on their GoDaddy account.

I had them reset the name servers on the GoDaddy side. I do remember changing dns records though. I need help, migrating the domain back to GoDaddy so they can run it from there. It was my first time pointing a domain over and it was a year ago. I’m not sure all the changes that need to be done to reverse it back.

any help would be greatly apprciated.

Hi @nashjohn,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forum!

Seems you were using Netlify DNS, then you would just need to change the name servers at GoDaddy back to their default settings. You’ll want to contact GoDaddy support to get the default name servers. I do see that you’re not currently using Netlify’s name servers.

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What about the DNS records? Did I transfer the registration? That is where I’m confused. Resetting the pointers should make everything all set. I figured nothing is coming up on their side because there may be no index.html in their root folder. I don’t have access to the Godaddy account right now. I’m now working with someone who knows less than I do, but i can direct them. Once I have it figured out I am going to delete the site on netlify. I want to make sure there is no loss in the domain name or anything.

I am understanding looking back I had to change an A record and a CNAME in the DNS records.

For domains not registered on Netlify like this one, as soon as you reset the nameservers, the domain stops working on Netlify. We can’t commend on GoDaddy party of the setup.