GoDaddy pointing to Netlify, SSL Issue

After directing name servers to Netlify, while having GoDaddy as our domain registrar, I am trying to get the SSL/TLS cert up and running. Forums are telling me to add a CAA record to GoDaddy but GoDaddy states that is not possible. I understand I am lacking the understanding of certain aspects of Networking.

My understanding is that it was the right move to point name servers to Netlify since that is where my website is, or should I have done something differently?

Thanks for the help.

Mind sharing the domain so we can check?

Thank you,

Hi, @taybreutz. In this situation I would recommend reverting back to the name servers at your registrar, deleting the DNS zone at Netlify, and then using the external DNS instructions below:

This means you would change back to using GoDaddy for DNS. After making that change, you would add the two DNS records below at GoDaddy.			1800	IN	A		300		IN	CNAME	<REPLACE WITH YOUR SITE SUBDOMAIN>

If there are other questions, please let us know.

I think this did it! I appreciate it Luke.

Should have never switched the name servers in the first place.

Thanks a ton. Gonna go take a networking class now.

I’m glad to learn it is working now!

By the way, while it is not something I recommend for the casual reader, the book that helped me “understand the internet” better than anything else I’ve ever read was this one:

It starts slowly but gets very technical in later chapters (for example, is includes charts of the exact binary structure of various types TCP/IP packets). I found my first copy at my local library but I eventually bought it because I wanted a copy of my own.


Thanks for sharing, I just downloaded a copy.

Always appreciate recommendations as such.

Thanks, again.