Outgoing notification to Microsoft Teams

I have a feature request.
I was wondering if it was possible to create an outgoing notification to a Teams url, the same way as with a Slack notification? I have created an Incoming Webhook in Teams, copied the url, and tried to send a push message to that url from Netlify, but it seems that the postMessage from Netlify is not supported with the Incoming Webhooks from Teams. Maybe it is possible to create a plugin in Teams, or create an extra option for an outgoing notification from Netlify?

Hi John,

The webhooks we send are not customizable. What does microsoft teams say when we POST to them? Hopefully the error message is demonstrative and you could use some intermediary service like https://zapier.com to “transform” what we send into the format they want.

We will only post the bodies we already have, which are JSON and contain a lot of details you can parse reliably using Zapier.