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Outgoing webhook with Business plan limitation

we are using Netlify to build a website for a client, and we created an account for the client (using the email associated with this Community account), but for some reason the Outgoing webhook option on Deploy notifications is limited to Business plans. We have done this in the past and there was never this limitation, and we created a new account afterwards just to test this and it also didn’t have this limitation. Can you help us?

Screenshot from 2021-04-20 09-46-20

hi richpers, i can look into this. what is the account level of the account in question?

Hi perry, not sure what you mean by account level, if it’s the plan, we’re on the starter plan.

Hi Perry, any news around this problem?

Hi, @richpars. I’ve filed an issue for this as I don’t believe this change was intentional. (And "
issue" meaning I filed a bug report.)

This only impacts newly created teams. Our pricing page does say this should be available for all plan types, as quoted below:

Notify a Slack channel or send an email when a deploy succeeds, fails, or hits other milestones. This is in addition to webhook, Zapier, & Git notifications available on all plans.

So I do think this gating was a mistake and we will follow-up here with an update when we know more or the issue is resolved.

If there are other questions in the meantime, please let us know.

Hi @luke, any news regarding this topic?

Hey there, @richpars :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! The issue is open, and unfortunately I do not have an ETA on a fix. We will follow up on this thread when we have more information!

Hi, @richpars. I did just shake the tree on this and I am hoping to at least have more information (or maybe even a fix) for this soon.

hi @Richpars, sorry to be slow to get a resolution for you on this. We have been a bit underwater this week, but i am going to make sure Luke sees this when he comes on shift next. thanks for your patience!

Hey @richpars,
We tried something on our end- want to let us know if those notifications are working for you now?

Hi @jen, sorry for the delay in the answer, I just checked and it’s fixed, thanks a lot!

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Thanks for coming back and confirming, we appreciate it! :netliconfetti:

I also wanted to reply (to @richpars and anyone else that find this topic) that this issue should be fixed as of today for all sites and teams (2021-06-02).

If not, please feel free to reply here anytime.