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Deploy Notifications on settings/deploys: Webhooks randomly turned off by Netlify

I cannot explain why hooks randomly turn off in Netlify.

The hooks are simple discord hooks with /slack at the end to keep the formatting consistant:
Discord webhooks support Slack formatting too. Just append

so my hook is set for all the 3 possible slack notification (same url): for start, success, failure, pointing at something like

The problem is they randomly turn themselves off. I don’t think discord becomes unreachable so what is wrong here. Does discord rate limit netlify somehow?

Hi @Elyx0,

As the error says, it happens when the notification failed 6 times in a row. It can be due to other reasons that Discord failing.

But as you can see here:


others face this issue too.

Ok I’m gonna enforce them via CLI if I can, like re-setting them every 6hours.