Send notifications to separate Slack channels for Deploy Previews vs. Production Deploys

Our Slack alert channel can get pretty noisy and even though the alerts do specify (deploy preview ###) or not, it’s easy to miss sometimes so I was thinking it’d be nice if we were able to send notifications to different channels depending on whether the deployment is a Preview or a Production deployment triggered by a commit to the master branch. I couldn’t find this anywhere and it doesn’t seem like there’s a way to do it, but I think it would be helpful to be able to tune notifications this way to maximize their effectiveness.



Hey @bryanfriedman,

Thank you for your suggestion. There is an open feature request for this and I’ve added your voice to the discussion.

Although I appreciate that the elegant solution is to contain and manage this entirely from within the Netlify UI, have you explored a suitable solution with a tool such as Zapier?

Good point on Zapier, something I can check out. But yes, a key value of Netlify for me is just how simple and well integrated it already is with the systems we’re using.

Thanks for the consideration.

Totally agree, @bryanfriedman – it’s much cleaner and easier to manage when it’s all-encompassing.

We’ll be sure to feed back if/when we have something to share!

Hey @bryanfriedman, something that I just tested out might help you. It’s a Slack App called Echobot and you can set it up to look for certain keywords in a message in Slack and automatically forward that to another channel. I set things up with a channel to collect all of the messages like you have at the moment. Then I set up 2 other channels, one for preview deploy messages and the other for merges. Works pretty nicely!

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thanks for sharing that resource, @knoxjeffrey!