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Slack webhooks are deprecated. Is there an official Netlify Slack app in the works?

Slack incoming webhooks have been deprecated for a while. We have been able to migrate all of our webhooks away to dedicated Slack apps instead, and also created a private Slack app for our own internal webhook needs.

Netlify is now the only service that still forces us to use the deprecated incoming webhooks, because there doesn’t seem to be a dedicated Netlify Slack app and we still have to specify a webhook url.

Are there any plans to create a proper Netlify Slack app, so that we can simply install this app in our Slack workspace to enable notifications?

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Hello @helloclub and welcome to the club! (i’m sorry, i couldn’t help myself)

Interesting idea! I’m going to bring it to the team next week so we can discuss. Stay tuned!

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Hey! I think that there’s a misunderstanding between the legacy Slack webhooks and creating a custom app which uses webhooks. Custom apps with webhooks appear to be very much current, although yes – we don’t have a Slack app (hence needing a custom app).

No misunderstanding. I am aware that webhooks can still be used and are very much a thing, but as you pointed out they need to be wrapped in a custom app now.

So in order for our Slack workspace to move away completely from using the deprecated “Incoming webhooks”, we need to migrate all services that use webhooks to their app equivalents.

We’ve also had to create our own custom app (private) to support some of our own webhooks.

So looks like Netlify just needs to create and submit an app to the Slack app store so that we can install it and then configure the webhooks from there and link it up to our netlify repo’s.

But please allow enough flexibility to only trigger the webhooks for specific sites, as is currently the case.

Thanks for talking through that. I’ve filed a feature request for us but I do not have any commitment to implement it at present. We’ll follow up in this thread if that changes!

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Has anything become of this request as I’m also looking to move away from web-hooks and need the application method of connection.

Hi @raystatham,

Unfortunately there’s no update on this at the moment.