Notifications - Outgoing Webhook custom data

I wanted to know what is the reason that in the notifications section when selecting outgoing webhook, there is only an option to enter a URL.
Especially after this is a POST request including a JSON with all the details that is needed.
I think having the ability to add a custom property to that JSON payload can help do integration with other systems.
Now for this to work with existing system that is limited (on my end) , you might suggest me to use a third party service such as Zapier/IFTTT but this is what I am trying to avoid.

As an example, I would add another two input next to the URL

Field Name: “message”
Field Value: “Build Success!”

The payload to the webhook will be the same JSON payload but with added new field name “message” with “Build Success!” value.

Another possibility is to add Alias

Field Name: “message”,
Field Alias Origin Property: “BUILD_ID”

And one last thing, in the documentation there is no example of the JSON payload the webhook.
Of course it is possible to create a dummy endpoint and test it but I assume this will change in the future (fields added/deprecated) so a JSON example of the payload would help.


Hi there, @Pantchox :wave:

Sorry to be slow to respond here. I want to make sure I fully understand what you are describing. Are you requesting a change to a feature? Can you share your Netlify site that you are currently working on that is relevant to this?

Thank you.