Not served by Netlify

I have a problem with hosting my website.
I set the NS Records like it was shown on the Netlify page. My domain provider is and the settings seem to have propagated correctly but I still cannot get the site to show.

curl -s -v 2>&1 | grep Server
< Server: Apache

curl -s -v 2>&1 | grep Server
< Server: Netlify

I tried these commands already and the Apex Domain shows Apache server which should be Netlify.
The NS settings were changed over three days ago.

I hope we can work out a solution to my problem.

Hi, @Mertlin, and welcome to our Netlify community site. :+1:

I see that NS records were added for Netlify DNS in the DNS configuration at the existing DNS service. Note the source of the reply in the answer below:	7200	IN	NS	7200	IN	NS	7200	IN	NS	7200	IN	NS
;; Received 133 bytes from in 179 ms

We are getting an answer that shows the name servers used by Netlify DNS but … the answer isn’t coming from those name servers, it is coming from More information can be found in the WHOIS record for this domain (a portion of which is copied below):

registrar:      Hetzner Online GmbH ( )
registrant:     <data not disclosed>
tech-c:         <data not disclosed>
changed:        20191217 10:45:19
source:         AT-DOM

This shows that the name servers where never changed. Our NS records were created but they are not actually in use. To switch to Netlify DNS, please consult the documentation for the domain registrar to find out how to change (not add) the name server records there.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.