Changed name servers, website still served by OVH


I’ve decided to archive my website and no longer use wordpress for it.

The static version lives on and I changed the NS a couple days ago and copied all the DNS information.

The issue with the hosting is reflected in the error message for Let’s Encrypt:

DNS verification failed

The information I get via CLI confirms that I’m using Netlify’s name servers:

My guess was that it had to do with the A and AAAA records, so I deleted them, but then the site did not load at all and I had to add them back again last night.

I’ve read over and over the posts in the forums and the support pages, but clearly something is escaping me.

Thanks for your help!

Yes @ramonsuarez is using Netlify DNS.

The reason your site is still served via OVH is because of the A and AAAA records you have added.

$ dig 4114	IN	A


$ dig	4106	IN	A	4106	IN	A

In both examples above is an OVH IP address. is the Netlify load balancer IP address but you only use this when configuring external DNS. The AAAA records are also OVH IPv6 addresses.

When using Netlify DNS you don’t add A, AAAA, or CNAME records to have Netlify serve a site, you need to add a domain to a site as a custom domain. Netlify then automatically adds the appropriate NETLIFY type records to serve your site. See the Assign a domain to a production site documentation for more.

Thanks for your help @dig

As I set up Netlify’s name servers on OVH the changes there do not work any more.

So I added the CNAME in Netlify’s Domain Management > DNS Panel and now it works :slight_smile:

This is not the correct method. Please read the documentation I linked to.

I’ve read it multiple times, before and after making the changes, and also went through it after reading your message.

Can you please tell me what exactly should I do?

  • You need to remove all the A, AAAA, and CNAME records you have created via the Netlify dashboard.
  • You need need to add the domain following the assign a domain to a productiion site I linked above. As mentioned, this automatically creates the appropriate DNS records (NETLIFY type records) to serve your site.

You may find the resources in this topic useful too