Not allowed to set A record @ with provider - how to set up DNS?

Hi @laura, Thanks for the help so far with this topic.
I’m facing an issue to add my domain.

  1. I should set it as an alias or primary domain?

  2. my provider (Hostgator) don’t allow me to add a CNAME with www so I edited the one that says to my Netlify domain ( is that ok?

It will probably be easier to switch to Netlify for your DNS too. Set it up in the Domains tab if you Netlify account with any MX, text, or other miscellaneous entries, link you project to your custom domain, and then switch the DNS servers on Hostgator to the four Netlify DNS servers given for that project/domain.

My two cents.

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Hi @gregraven, thanks for the input!
Do this was my first option but I couldn’t manage to get the email thing right, and I’m expecting a few important emails soon so when I came across this solution I just went for it, is the best option with minimal hassle for me now, but I plan to change the DNS as you suggested in the future.

My redirect worked after a few attempts, so the results of my own questions are:

  1. I had to set my own domain as the primary domain

  2. After contacting Hostgator they told me that the A entry I show in the picture works the same way as the @ entry.

I’m glad is all working now and my site is finally live \o/


thanks for sharing your solution, @camilawaz!