No commit checks with new github username

I’m not getting commit status checks, rich details, or any sort of GitHub integration, although I have the integration enabled. It stopped working soon after I changed my GitHub username from b3u to binyamin

  • Site name:
  • custom domain:

Hiya @b3u and sorry to hear about the trouble!

Could you let me know what this page says?

I think it should show the github app’s installation status - whether it is pending or configured and if configured for which repos. Hopefully that detail will show some problem you can understand, but if not, let me know more about what it says, specifically this part:

Drat. That looks correct, so is likely not the cause.

Despite that, could you try re-linking the repo to see if that repairs the connection? While GitHub in theory autoforwards from old->new username for all http and clone requests, perhaps this has broken down somehow. Here’s how:

  1. Start on the site’s Deploy Settings page
  2. look at the first config card with Repo details; select “Edit Settings”
  3. click the newly exposed “link to a different repository” link.
  4. link to the same repository (under its new name)
  5. let me know if the notifications start working better for NEW PR’s (opened since the re-link; old ones will likely not magically start getting notifications).

Nope. PRs get notifications, but commits don’t. I deleted and recreated the PR and commit webhooks in the deploy section of the dashboard.

OK, interesting about the notifications, but not what I asked you to do :slight_smile: Did you re-link the repo, as well?

Yes, I did re-link the repo.

Hmm, still not seeing any problems in those notifications in our database.

Don’t suppose things magically changed and started working in the meantime?

Perhaps you can send a screenshot of an earlier check that did work just so we can confirm we’re talking about the same things?