Github commit notifications not working

Hey all,

Github commit notifications → building - deploy preview URLs are not working for me.

I’m expecting a comment on my commit whenever I push a commit and show the status + deploy URL once its done.

I have the following notifications set already. But its not affecting.

Also, Vercel shows a nice yellow & green icon on each build. Is something similar available on Netlify?

Please help.

Here’s the commit page:

Any help? Its still not resolved yet.

Hey there, @surjithctly

Thanks for reaching out! Great question. We will need your Netlify site name in order to dig into this further. This will allow us to check the settings and see what could be happening. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Its not working for any repos I have, For sample, you can check this one: Netlify App

hi there @surjithctly , we had a chance to look at your project, and from what we can tell, it seems like you are maybe hitting a “Deploy to netlify” button somewhere or deploying in some other way that does not involve the following workflow:

  • doing some local work
  • adding to a repo, committing, pushing to git repo storage (so, GitHub)
  • deploying to Netlify via continous integration

We suggest that you publish a commit to your main branch, and then you should see the commit notifications show up properly.

If this doesn’t work, can you describe your worklfow in more detail, please?