Git notifications on non-pull request commits

For a moment I thought that maybe the notifications are inhibited when there are no new files being pushed in the deploy. After all, I’m trying to move to Netlify without a user-visible diff. Made a test change that results in deploy files changing, got a confirmation of 52 new files to upload in the deploy log, no visible activity from netlify bot on the commit.

Hi @yacoob,

Thanks for all the info. Those deploy notifications are only for PR commits and not for non-PR commits. Also note that they will only show up for PR’s for branches that we build.


Aha, thanks for the clarification. Guess the wording can be improved a bit; I’ve understood that 2 out of 3 of those apply to all commits, no matter what :>


“Github PR commit status” and “Github PR commit checks” maybe? Just to mark that there has to be a PR outstanding.

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Hi @yacoob - good catch. We’re currently looking at this, and will loop back here if we decide to make a change. thanks for pointing it out :+1:

Using on-prem GitLab, same issue/question. “GitLab commit status” implies all commits, and I’d really like it to work that way so that GitLab commits are easily linked to their Netlify deploy.

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Thanks for the feedback @yacoob and @df-1!

We’ve updated the language in the app to be more clear that GitHub and GitLab notifications are only sent when a pull/merge request builds a Deploy Preview.


Thanks for updating!

@Kristen Could we possibly get GitHub/GitLab notifications for normal commits as well?

I’ve just opened a feature request for this earlier today (at the request of @df-1 as it turns out), and have just added your voice to it. This means our Product team will consider it for the future, and that we’ll follow up here if it is implemented. No other commitment about whether or when or how we’ll implement it should be inferred from my statement, since I won’t write the code myself :slight_smile:

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A team member raised this today with a sharper use case:

Non-Netlify users (i.e. most of our dev team) can’t tell if a production or branch deployment built, is building, or failed. In the past when doing builds in GitLab CI, we could see that something during the build. But if something should happen that a merge to master results in a failed build, no one would know unless they explicitly looked at Netlify admin (not everyone has access) or saw the site didn’t change after more than the expected build time (which can vary, adding uncertainty).

Hi @df-1,

Thanks for adding that detail. One thing to note that while not a “one click” solution, it’s possible to setup notification webhooks that trigger a function where you can do anything you want, including writing a github comment, leaving a slack comment (this is already integrated), sending an e-mail, etc. Just mentioning in case that’s something you’d like to do now, there are ways for you to implement. That said, we do have that request filed that @fool mentioned before.

Yes, actually @fool also pointed me to the webhook+Zapier solution. We ended up getting permission internally to set up a Slack app to take advantage of the Slack notification on build, which is working okay for our current project.

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Here is a webapp implementing this idea: GitHub - randy3k/netlify-deploystatus

+1 for this feature.

Since the ReactNative website migrated to Netlify, we have lost the ability to know if master builds fine or not, while it was possible when using CircleCI + GH pages.

A simple workaround is using a Netlify badge in the Readme, but it’s not really good enough as it forces to check production deploy status in 2 places instead of one.

Another workaround that I’m thinking of is to have a Netlify function being called in the Netlify deploy process itself, which is a bit weird…

That would be appreciated if you implemented this feature out of the box!

Hi, @slorber. There is a “beta” version of this feature possible today. Would you like to test it? If so, what site would you like us to enable it for? :slight_smile:

Is there any update on this? Deno Deploy has it, Cloudflare Pages has it…

hi there, i am trying to get a little more information on this - thank you for your patience.

Hey @samjmckenzie,

The feature is still available for testing if you’re interested. Let us know what site it should be enabled for., thanks!


I’ve enabled the flag. Let us know if it’s working as expected. The feature is not widely used, so we are not sure if the setup is done right, so please bear with us.