Netlify bot to post preview urls in comments of Github PR

This seems like a very basic question – and I’m very sorry if it was already answered somewhere. I did look/google for answer and found non.

I have couple of projects on Netlify – and experience has been AMAZING. Especially those Pull Request previews – killer feature!

First ever project I did with netlify had this bot commenting on every Pull Request in github.

Somehow all projects after that don’t have this bot commenting on our Pull requests. It creates some confusion internally – people now expect that this bot will comment in all projects.

And I don’t really understand why or where to enable it for other projects. Any tips? Please?

Can you check your notifications settings on the deploy & build page? Maybe the notifications got disabled due to a github outage (if they fail 6x in a row, we turn them off).

Let me know if you have trouble finding that or they don’t seem disabled (we label them in the UI if they are), what site you’re working with and I can take a deeper look in our database and logs for clues.