GitHub status checks not working

Hello, when I push code to my GitHub repo I’m not getting status checks from Netifly (the little colored check marks showing the status of the build). I have my backend linked to the same repository with another host and it’s working fine for that.

I have all the deploy notifications set up on my Netifly account - 15 of them in total which it created automatically when I linked my GitHub account. I also have email notifications enabled but it hasn’t emailed me yet either.

I searched the forums before posting this and saw a few threads that seemed to suggest it only works for pull requests, but I saw one from a year ago saying it was available as a beta feature. The documentation seems to suggest that it should work for regular commits, and all your competitors seem to support it so I thought I would ask.

I still believe that is true. Not sure where you saw about the beta feature. Could you link us to that?

I can’t remember where I saw it. I tried to find it again but there are so many threads asking for this feature and I don’t feel like reading through them all again. I’m sure I just misunderstood whatever it was that I read. Either way this would be a nice feature to have and something that your competitors offer. It this something you may add in the future?

Just to confirm, you’re asking for status checks for all commits to your repo, right, regardless of the branch or PR?

Yes, it would be nice to see the build status from Github when I commit code to master.

Can file that feature request for you. But I wonder where these checks would appear?

As far as I’m aware, checks for PR work because PRs provide a page where various check are run and can be seen. I haven’t seen any checks or a way to have checks on the master/main branch or basically any commit without a PR. I think GitHub Actions can be used to do that, but that seems like the only way?

Could you provide an example check appearing on a commit without PR? We could show that as an example to the devs.

My GitHub has one now for the API/backend. Just to clarify this is what I mean:

This might have been done through Github actions, I’m not sure. I hosted the backend with and they set it up automatically when I linked my account. I know Vercel do this too.

Yeah, that looks like a GitHub Action, otherwise it’s not possible.

I’ll file a feature request.

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